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Class Logistics

The class will use a program called Moodle that is set up at

You can go there and set up a new account if you are going to take a course.  We cannot carry your sign in and password over from the site, you will have to make a new one. 

You will get a course enrollment code once our Director of Research and Education is ready to have you viewing course material.  

In the course material, there will be the Zoom links.  We do present all classes at this point over Zoom.  If you have already downloaded Zoom, you will probably be able to use the old program.  If you have not, you will be asked to download it when you first login.  That download is usually fairly quick, but you should allow yourself a little extra time to download it and get into the class (15 minutes should be plenty).

The classes will probably not be recorded.  If you miss a class, and there are classes remaining, we might be able to provide you a code to attend another session of the same class. 


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