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Catalog Request - click here
Want to get a paper catalog? Place it in your cart and check out, free of charge. Select USPS 1st class mail, please. Click here to view the catalog item and add it to your cart. Want
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Finding your account
Having trouble logging in? 1.  Have you ever bought from Betterbee before?  If you have not, thank you for choosing us, and please use either Guest Checkout or Create a New Betterbee Account and Websi...
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Fumagilin, Apivar, Apiguard, Apistan to overseas locations
Unfortunately we are unable to sell medications and bee treatments outside the United States.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  -Betterbee
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International shipping
Betterbee is happy to ship orders to our international customers.  There are some restricted items such as medication, bee food, and  liquids that we cannot ship overseas.  Due to vario...
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Sanitary Certificate Wash bottles?
 These bottles are produced in a food safe environment and are considered ready to use.
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Error: No Shipping Methods Found when checking out
When you see "No Shipping Methods Found"   You have items in your cart that cannot ship together.  The usual items:    Package Bees Nucleus Colonies Queen Bees Unfolded Nuc Boxes   To fix this, make s...
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Lyson Hives and Division Board Feeders
Q: Will the deep division board feeder fit in the Lyson Deep Hive body?   A.  Yes! The Lyson hives are made of polystyrene and have walls that are thicker than the wooden hive walls.  Their inside dim...
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Lodging near Betterbee
Hotels, Motels: Saratoga Springs, NY is 20 minutes from Betterbee.  There are many hotel
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Are you shipping now?
The Coronavirus outbreak and resulting governmental orders to decrease person to person contact have greatly affected everyone in society.   As an agricultural supplier providing for beekeepers, we ar...
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Betterbee Newsletter
Betterbee publishes a monthly, emailed newsletter of interest to beekeepers with all levels of experience. It offers a wide range of original articles on beekeeping topics. The Newsletter is available...
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Looking For Information About Beekeeping?
Check Out The Betterbee Newsletter Archives! Betterbee publishes a monthly emailed Newsletter which covers a wide range of beekeeping topics of interest to beekeepers with all levels of experience. Ar...
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All About Swarms
BetterBee publishes a free, monthly, emailed Newsletter covering a wide variety of beekeeping topics.  Articles that are specifically about swarms are collected on this page for easy access.  To view ...
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Apivar Usage
Apivar has a two year shelf life from the date printed on the product. That expiration is for the sealed product. Once it is opened and the parent compound is exposed to oxygen, it starts to degrade. ...
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Candle Molds
Unfortunately, our current vendor that we use for candle molds is experiencing many difficulties producing molds. They have let us know that they are unable to make any molds in the near future. In th...
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How to Do an Oxalic Acid Vaporization Using a Varrox Wand
Important Safety Notice Unless you have, and are committed to always wearing, the required person
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How to Use the Oxalic Acid Dribble Method
Oxalic Acid Dribble is a method which uses oxalic acid mixed with sugar syrup. It is applied using a large syringe to squirt the mixture on to the bees clustered between the frames.
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Bayberry Wax ETA
We have received word from our vendor that they are shipping the Bayberry wax to us the week of November 16th. We are hoping for this product to arrive by November 20th at the latest, but there is sti...
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Bettercomb and Hot Weather
We have received questions from some of our customers in hotter climates in regards to the Bettercomb and how it holds up in the heat.  The wired frames hold up well even in the high heat! We have man...
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Woodenware Grading System
Here at Betterbee, we offer three different options for Woodenware Grading: Budget, Commercial, and Select. Our grading system isn't quite the same as most other companies. Our "budget grade" woodenwa...
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Should my candle mold have a slit?
Unfortunately, not all of our molds come with a slit. If your mold does not have a slit, we recommend using a wicking needle to help thread the wick prior to pouring.
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ReleasaGen Mold Spray
The ReleasaGen mold spray is currently unavailable. We have sourced a new product that is similar and works very well for candle molds. See our new spray here.
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2021 Nucs and Packages
  We do not currently have the prices set for our 2021 nucs or packages. We should have pricing available and begin taking orders by December 15th. Please keep in mind our package bees and nucleus col...
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VCT4-Metal Votive Mold ETA
We have received word from our vendor that they are shipping the Metal Votive Molds (Item SKU VCT4) to us the first or second week in December. We are hoping for this product to arrive by December 20t...
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Custom Candle Molds
  Unfortunately, we do not make candle molds in house. We order our candle molds from a few different manufacturers. Unfortunately, we are unable to give out our vendors information, but if you are se...
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Shipping Bees
  Unfortunately, we do NOT ship nucleus colonies or packages of bees at all. We only have them available for pick up at our Greenwich, NY location. We don't ship because it is too much stress on the b...
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How to get Added to the Swarm Catcher list
Betterbee offers a list of customers willing to catch swarms for the public. The list is sorted by state and then alphabetically by the last name of the swa...
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Class Logistics
The class will use a program called Moodle that is set up at You can go there and set up a new account if you are going to take a course.  We cannot carry your sign in and password ...
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Broken Extractor Lid Replacement
Replacement covers for small Lyson extractors (2/4 frame) are available here: Please save the metal parts from yo...
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Winter Patties 2021
 Thank you for your interest in purchasing Winter Patties! We are anticipating our shipment to arrive by the end of October, but the shipment is very dependent on the weather. If they are shipped when...
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