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How to get Added to the Swarm Catcher list

Betterbee offers a list of customers willing to catch swarms for the public.

The list is sorted by state and then alphabetically by the last name of the swarm catcher.  If you would like to be included, just enter a support case or email us at

Include your customer number and the information as you see it formatted on the swarm catcher page.  If you don't have your customer number, we can look it up based on your email or phone number. 


The information we need to list you:

Customer Number: 




Primary Phone:

Secondary Phone:

Travel Area:


Accepts photos via Text?


The field sizes are not large, so don't send a paragraph for anything!  Go to the site so you can see what is acceptable.


Remember when you send this, your phone number will be listed in a publicly accessible listing. 


We will not post an email address.  


We have not had reports of excessive SPAM calling, but even without a listing for me (Chris Cripps, one of the owners), each day, I personally have one or two calls offering me an opportunity to extend my vehicle warranty.  


If you want to have your listing ended, just send us an email telling us that. 


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