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International shipping

Betterbee is happy to ship orders to our international customers.  There are some restricted items such as medication, bee food, and  liquids that we cannot ship overseas.  Due to various restrictions and shipping cost calculation, our website is not able to complete international orders automatically.  Please contact us though our Contact Us page so that we may assist.  Include the following information:

  • Name and billing address
  • Full shipping address (street, city, state, country, postal code)
  • Items and quantities you would like to order

With this information we can quote the shipping to your location.  If you decide to go ahead with the order, we can receive payment via Paypal or credit card over the phone.

One popular option for international locations is to use a re-shipper who will receive your shipment in the US, and reship to you using discounted rates to particular countries.  To use one of these services, create an account with them first to obtain a shipping address.  Then, complete your order via our website or email.  Betterbee will ship to your re-ship address in the US.  Please note: if using a foreign credit card, our website will not be able to process the payment.  Please call if you would like to use your credit card with a foreign billing address. 

Some re-ship services known to us (Betterbee is not affiliated with these services; please do some research and use at your own risk):


New Zealand:

Canada: usually Fedex or USPS is best for shipping to Canada. 

In all cases, any duties, taxes, or customs fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser.